Peaceful transition?

To the editor:

One of the things President Trump’s opponents have used as a talking point in disparaging him is the fact that he has pointed out the potential for voter fraud and has questioned the legitimacy of the outcome on November 3rd should he lose. His opponents paint him as so power hungry and stubborn that he will not to leave the white house peacefully in January. They say he will be a sore loser. In this way, they are trying to convince Americans that he is not worthy of their vote.

What is the Democratic definition of a “peaceful transition”? Consider this – Democrats, prior to the 2016 election, spied on President Trump’s campaign. When they lost they did not accept the results of the election. They tried to bog down everything he might accomplish by falsely impeaching him. They used information set forth, and sometimes leaked, by their cronies to anonymously drive their narrative, e.g. the “anonymous” whistle blower, the Steele Dossier. Their unreliable sources brought forward bogus claims. They ruined the lives of those who might help the president as he implemented policies which would fulfill promises he had made to his voters. They also used the brazen tactic of simply not showing up to do the work they are being paid to do in an attempt to thwart their duly elected president on every turn.

President Trump has said he is ready and willing to transition to civilian life once again if he should lose in a clean election. On the other hand, if it is apparent that the victory of his opponent has not been reached honestly he is ready to contest ill-gained results. He will not accept the outcome if it has been achieved by fraudulent votes and suppression of pertinent information regarding his opponent. Would you concede defeat if you were convinced that someone had not played fair?

Isn’t it ironic? Hillary Clinton has voiced for the Democrats that Biden should not concede on any terms if he loses the November 3rd election. That does not include any suggestion that if the results are legitimate they will allow for a peaceful transition. So which of the parties is setting themselves up to be a sore loser?

Whatever the results of the 2020 election, the process itself has been tainted. Americans should vote for those who will restore confidence by returning to our country’s founding principles – including the principle of free and fair elections in which everyone’s voice is heard. Then we can look forward to a peaceful transition.

Mary Thom

New Ulm


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