Brand bill to to destroy farming

To the editor:

Rep. Brand to completely destroy farming with SF 3143 (Feb. 11, 2020).

Farming as we know it today will not exist in ten years, never mind in 2050. No more diesel or gas powered tractors, harvesters, pickups, SUVs, autos, lawn mowers, ATVs or RVs. I quote from Brand’s bill: “…greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced from 2010 levels by 45 percent by 2030 and to net zero by 2050 …” By extension that means NO CORN FOR ETHANOL because it will not be needed to mix with gas. I quote: “accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles as substitutes for motor vehicles powered by fossil fuels.” And to make the point in the bill: “…options to power off-road vehicles, watercraft, passenger and freight trains, and airplanes without fossil fuels.”

Battery powered airplanes? Think of installing charging or battery changing stations in your fields. No propane or natural gas to heat homes.

And Brand forgets farmers in the path forward in creating “green jobs” with this: “… job training programs in occupations that are heavily represented in industries that produce green products and services…” There is not ONE mention of helping farmers transition. Not one. NO funding to help farmers transition with alternative crops through research. No thought in this bill for the future of farming in District 19A or Minnesota!

What will be the impact on our local cooperatives? Eighteen ethanol plants could be shut down! Figure on a possible reduction of their production in the next nine years. Can you imagine replacing half of all your current fossil fuel powered vehicles in the next nine years and on your nickel?

The DFL IS NOT the FARMER party. Brand does not have FARMER’s best interest in mind. You have a choice on Nov. 3 … vote for SUSAN AKLAND. She is reasonable, has farming in her family and does NOT support this type of legislation.

Mark Wright

North Mankato


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