Support Andrea Boettger

To the editor:

I am writing to show my support for Andrea Boettger and her campaign to be the next City Council President. In getting to know Andrea over the past eight years, it is clear she has both the common sense and smarts to lead our city forward. Her experience in running a complex business like Turner Hall is a testament to her ability to effectively manage multiple matters at once. Andrea knows how to balance the wants and needs of a membership base with what is physically and economically feasible, and is no stranger to finding ways to get things done.

As Council President she will apply the same skills and expertise when approaching issues for our community. Her demeanor and open mind makes her easily approachable and her desire to serve our community is not for her personal gain, but to create a more welcoming and developing community for everyone.

I support Andrea as the best choice for Council President, and hope that you will also vote for Andrea.

Dan Schroepfer

New Ulm


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