Don’t ignore left-wing extremists

To the editor:

After reading with amused contempt liberal shill Froma Harrop’s diatribes against “right wing extremists” in the 10/14 edition of The Journal, I was not surprised to learn she mentioned nothing about the leftist/liberal lawless gangs of Antifa and BLM that destroyed property, attacked law enforcement, and intimidated law-abiding citizens. Rather typical of the deranged view of society of the left, and the current Democratic party. If you want an America that will make Venezuela appear as a paradise resort, vote for Biden/Harris and other Democrats. If not, and you support law enforcement, a strong military, pro-life, traditional American values, Christianity, and preservation of our history and cultural values; there is one choice: Trump/Pence and Republicans at all levels of government.

M. R. Koenig

Buffalo Lake


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