No one likes a bully

To the editor:

This past Saturday afternoon I was watching college football games with my grandson, he had the remote control going back and forth between at least 4 games keeping track of the scores. Each of us had to pick a favorite team and who we thought was going to win, his rules.

The games ended around 6 p.m. and the news came on with a clip of President Trump speaking to a crowd in his usual tone of voice. My grandson looked at me and said, “Grandpa, I wish we had a different president, he always talks mean to people and acts like a bully.” That’s coming from a 9-year-old boy who loves school, his friends and of course, sports.

I thought about that sometime later and wondered …. when will kids be taught in school that it’s ok to be mean to others, that it’s ok to hate other people and that it’s ok to be a bully? Of course they won’t teach that in school. Well then, where do you thing they’ll learn it from, what adult, parent or grandparent? Certainly not us, as I’m sure none of us would teach or tolerate such behavior.

I’m sure every one of us remembers being in school and knowing some kid who was a bully, always picking on others, most often the kids who couldn’t defend themselves. Did the other kids cheer on that type of behavior, or just hope they weren’t going to be the next one the bully picked on? How did any parent feel back then or today if your son or daughter came home from school and said they were being bullied? Would that be ok, would you stand by and let it happen or do something about it? Or maybe, if it was someone else’s child you would just let it go as long it didn’t affect you.

Think about how Americans have come to accept such behavior from our president and often times cheer on his behavior when he makes comments to ridicule, put down and bully others. How has our society grown to accept and condone this type of behavior from our President?

Myron Seidl



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