Vote for Life!

To the editor:

For Christians the most important criteria in deciding who you vote for is a Pro Life candidate! I did some Google searching for these numbers I’d like to share with you. In all the wars the United States has been involved in since The Revolutionary War to today we’ve lost 658,292 lives and we are forever thankful to these brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice!

Now let me share an eye opening number: Since Roe v. Wade was enacted in January 1973 through 2018, 61.8 million defenseless, unborn and sometimes even born babies lives have been unmercifully snuffed out! Do you really think our God will bless our country because of this egregious crime?

It is NOT a woman’s choice! Only God can give life or take it away!

I beg all Christians to use this criteria to vote. I can tell you and this isn’t a 100% but most liberals are pro choice and most Republicans are Pro Life!

Nathan Bode



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