Reply to: COVID-19 relief act shouldn’t have to wait

To the editor:

I agree. I roll through all Lower 48 States via an 18-Wheeler and see people hurting financially everywhere over a virus which has over a 95% survival rate. They “say” 200,000 Americans have died, but, the number of those who have (died) who also had another ailment which would have killed them is unknown and most likely, will never be known… Still, lets use the number of 200,000 for simplicity’s sake. 200,000 people who have perished from a population of 333M is 0.60 percent.

Still, the reality IS, millions of people are hurting because of this “pandemic.” Why are negotiations going nowhere? Could it have something to do with what the Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi, wants to be included in the Stimulus II Package which includes – but is not limited to:

Cashless bail

Mass prison release

Nationwide Voter I.D.ban. … What…?

Stimulus checks to illegals

Of course this won’t pass. A few days ago President Trump to the Democrats to pass a (stand alone) Stimulus II Package which means…Pass a package with funds paid to the American People with no extra “pork.” *Crickets* from the Democrats.

Brian Nolan



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