Fight for family, faith, freedom

To the editor:

With the oncoming presidential election, there is so much to unwrap about what is happening right before our eyes! There is a “Socialist” movement present in our country! They have attacked our FAMILY (abortion, gender, LGBTQ), our FAITH (closed churches, synagogues), and have restricted our FREEDOM (closed schools, businesses, stay at home orders).

If Joe Biden is elected that gives unstable Nancy Pelosi an upper hand, with Alexandria Oseo Cortez and Ilhan Ohmar standing in the wings!

That would bring an end to our “Family, Faith and Freedom” as was instituted by our “Founding Fathers!” The reason our forefathers came to America in the first place, was to escape tyranny.

The Democrats have been trying to get rid of President Trump through the Russia probe, Impeachment trial, and the phone call to Ukraine, which ended with the revelation that Hunter Biden was collecting millions of dollars from Communist China! And now, Nancy Pelosi is invoking the 25th Amendment on Trump to call him an unfit President! The Democrats are desperate, all at the expense of the American People’s Lives!

We have experienced the shut down of our economy and other freedoms, rioting, burning businesses, defunding and shooting police officers, overthrowing statues of national heroes, beheading religious statues and burning our American flag! We, the people must stand “Strong and Proud” as American citizens and defend our liberty against Democrat Joe Biden’s Socialism!

Considering the constant badgering from the left, President Trump stands resilient and has accomplished much: 1. U.S. energy independence, 2. Ending freeloading of NATO allies, 3. Moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, 4. Conquered ISIS and kept us out of Libya’s civil war, 5. Discredited NAFTA, and replaced it with a new trade deal, 6. Boosted the U.S. economy, 7. Took down murderers, Islamic Baghdadi and Iranian General Soleimani, 8. Reduced taxes, 9. Elevated two Supreme Court Justices and 10. Appointed hundreds of Federal Judges.

It is imperative we vote for President Trump on November 3, also Republicans Hagedorn, Dahms, Torkelson, and Jason Lewis, who (together with President Trump) are ProLife! Without “LIFE”, there would be no need for education, jobs, healthcare, housing, roads, bridges etc.


We pray the “Faith Filled Silent Majority” will vote to restore our “Family, Faith, and Freedom”!

“May God Protect America” from Socialism!

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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