Elect Larry Mack

To the editor:

I’m writing to encourage voters to elect Larry Mack as New Ulm’s next City Council President. Larry’s six years of experience on the council, his work on various committees and commissions, his 20+ years dedicated to his full-time job at 3M, his volunteer spirit, and his lifelong commitment to our city’s heritage all make him the best candidate.

Larry has always been a hardworking self-starter. He is a hands-on man who’s not afraid of learning or trying new things. He looks at all angles of a problem, listens to people’s concerns, and balances out the advantages vs. disadvantages of possible solutions. He speaks up, voices his honest opinion, and asks questions so he has all the information he needs before making a decision. Being creative comes naturally to Larry. He thinks outside the box, and that skill will serve him well as New Ulm looks to its future with COVID challenges in mind.

Larry Mack’s great-great-great-grandfather, Peter, was one of the founders of New Ulm back in 1854. As a sixth-generation New Ulm native, Larry has a lot of love for this town. He values its history, supports its proud traditions, and wants to maintain its small-town charm. He also wants to encourage smart progress, attract new businesses, and make sure all citizens are heard and have what they need.

Let’s give Larry the opportunity to use his hands-on city council experience to lead. Vote Mack!

Gwen Mack

New Ulm


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