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To the editor:

The party that you thought was the Democratic Farmer Labor party no longer exists. it is not the same party as it was in the past. It is not the party that JFK ran on. It is now the Democratic Socialist party.

Trump has come down hard on other countries for the tariffs on American goods? Has tried to keep illegal immigrants out of this country? Have people been lifted out of poverty? Did Trump initiate tax cuts, for hard working Americans? The answer to these and many other questions is Yes.

This man has done a lot for this country but ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and of course everyone’s little darling CNN will not give this man the time of day or acknowledgment. They totally are owned by Democrats.

Democratic big shots have systematically tried to destroy our educational system and brainwash the children in the schools to believing that socialism is the answer. They continuously demonize our religion and faith, but glorify abortion and violence. Good grief, they don’t want us to even say “Merry Christmas,” stand for the national anthem or put our flags out on the Fourth of July. Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. They want to get rid of the second amendment because they can’t get their own city’s under control or maybe they don’t want to so that they can blame it on the Republicans as they have done.

I hope you all know that the upper tier of the Democratic party thinks of us as flyover people. (Those of us who hold close their guns and religion, the middle class, factory workers, rural folks they refer to as yahoos, and yes they have even called us deplorable). They want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote and to also have full insurance yet they won’t clean up your cities, they want to give illegal immigrants safe cities so they can go on doing their violence and crime. They want to do away with the electoral college so that the popular vote will elect our senators, congress, and yes, even our president, because that way the states with the largest populations (democrats) can shoe in their candidate and the hell with the rest of us!

I feel sorry for Joe Biden because the Democratic party is propping him up to do their agenda. He is not well and as American’s we should be appalled at what they are doing to him. They are running on his name, only to perpetuate their agenda. Please, think about WHAT you are voting for.

We are tired of the Democratic hypocrisy!

William J. Colebank



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