Important election

To the editor:

Yes, this is most important election in my life time.

1. Local…we have a very good mayor. Easy vote.

2. MN House. When one reads all the information about our two primary candidates there is no choice but Mindy Kimmel. She listens, a lost art. I doubt she will ever say, “I agree with you but have to vote with my party.” We are your boss, Paul. We tax payers pay your salary. Does this mean I will agree with every vote Mindy casts for us? No, but she will vote, after careful listening, what is best for the majority of us. Every person in all parties have different needs, wants and ideas so no one should just “Cookie cutter” vote by party lines.

3. District 1. Jim keeps saying Dan is supported and beholden to Pelosi. Well, he sure is to Trump. Much worse! Jim is the one who said, “Goodbye 1/2” soldier to a veteran amputee, Jim is the one who took part in the childish walk to the Impeachment Trial location with the pizza for reporters. This panel had many Republicans on it to bring them reports. No need to go where not supposed to!!

If you ever served on jury duty you know witness are not allowed to hear prior witness which serves a very important point. Jim is the one who paid money for work to people on his staff with money from us, the taxpayers. Jim is the only member of Minnesota house delegates, Republican or Democrat, that voted against removing confederate statues from U.S. capitol. Dan is a veteran who served in combat and saw comrades K.I.A. He served as a teacher in a poor, tough school. He served as Assistant Secretary of Defense at Pentagon so knows veterans issues. I prefer class over crass so obvious choice is Dan!!

4. U.S. Senate Race. I was not familiar with Tina Smith when she went to D.C. for us. She has proven she can work with others, she started with good ideas immediately. She is a quiet soft spoken lady who listens to people. Jason Lewis? “Women concerned about birth control are brainless?” “If you don’t want to own a slave, don’t –but don’t tell other people they can’t.” Okay, if this is true (it’s not!!) then why is it okay to tell a women what she can do with her body? It can’t be both ways. Tina Smith is NOT for defunding police, but for restructuring

Darlene Nelson



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