Let’s Vote!

To the editor:

We received our mail in ballots today so we are ready to vote. Just to be different one of us will vote by mail and one will drop the ballot at the drop box inside the Brown County Law Enforcement Center on South Washington St. One can also vote in person at the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office in the Brown County Court House before Election Day. Please also remember to register to vote if you need to do so.

Yes, there has been talk that maybe the Post Office will not be able to get ballots delivered on time. That should not be a concern as long as you post your ballot by Election Day (November 3). Mail it in early if you are worried.

Remember how well the Post Office gets all those many millions of Christmas cards delivered and there are many more Christmas cards than election ballots. They can do this.

If you are not voting at your polling place then make sure you follow the directions carefully on the mail in ballots. As former New Ulm teachers we want you to be sure you follow those directions.

Happy voting!

Ingrid and Lowell Liedman

New Ulm


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