Kimmel endorsements raise serious questions

To the editor:

Political endorsements can sometimes tell us a lot about politicians and their priorities. State House candidate Mindy Kimmel is celebrating several endorsements that area voters should find alarming. Recently, Ms. Kimmel has tried to convince us she supports the Second Amendment. However, her website touts several endorsements from anti-gun special interest groups like Mothers Demand Gun Action and Protect Minnesota. These organizations have advocated against ownership of certain firearms and stand your ground legislation. While civil unrest has torn apart major cities and when homes are burned down for displaying certain candidates’ signs, Mindy Kimmel affirms her rejection of stand your ground bills which ensure that residents can protect themselves, their homes, and their families.

Kimmel also has the endorsement of the Sierra Club, which opposes the modern farming practices that Brown and Redwood Counties depend upon. This includes bans on genetically modified crops and livestock, and removing all subsidies for farmers who don’t follow the Sierra Club backwards-looking agriculture positions.

Perhaps most shocking, Kimmel is endorsed by multiple pro-choice organizations. Her website proudly lists endorsements from organizations like Pro-Choice MN that support abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. While Ms. Kimmel may claim she supports gun owner rights or productive farming methods, these endorsements demonstrate quite the opposite. Her support for extreme pro-choice legislation shows Mindy Kimmel would not represent our voice nor vote this District in St. Paul. While her website tells us little about the policies she would support or oppose, her endorsements make it crystal clear what she really believes.

Thankfully, Representative Paul Torkelson has a strong, consistent record of supporting the Second Amendment, agriculture, law and order, and life. Please return him to the Minnesota House so he can continue to promote for our values.

Josh Anderson



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