Education and Moral Value

To the editor:

The biggest problem we face is God is not acknowledged anymore! But Man, now there is where the power is! Unfortunately, man causes global warming, and unless we do something, we’re all going to die in 12 years!!! (Enter politics) Let’s put a mask on him and bring him to his knees…AHA, it worked..now we have control. Men are sheeple!!

So whats next you ask? You can be sure there will be other great ideas coming. If you’d like a preview, go to Utube..REMNANT TV – Michael Matt entitled “The Great Reset”. This is so worth your time – get informed – educate yourself – don’t lose your freedoms!!

Then the riots break out — over what? One Black man’s death (we all know the story). I don’t know about you, but I believe all lives matter and I take issue with all those Black lives that they themselves murdered in the form of abortion. Just think what the Blacks have done to their own cultural community!! But no anger there… Who is racist??

Are you keeping up on current news? Great source of information is Life-Site News.com. Everyday they have an array of info from politics to religion.

Speaking of politics and religion, did you know that if you are Catholic, YOU CAN’T VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT! Their platform is against life (abortion), marriage and family (LGBTQ). Oh, and womens bodies? God made them and they belong to Him. Women already made their choice when they had relations and conceived. Case closed!!

So educate yourself while you wear the mask and stay in the basement, but by all means get out and vote. Vote your moral values or you may have nothing left to value!

“Be not afraid, for I am with you” says the Lord

As for me, I put all my trust in JMJ.

Mary Schmitz



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