Don’t be so quick to judge

To the editor:

In response to the negative comments of the upcoming development near the Diocese of New Ulm, please know all the facts first.

I encourage you to take a drive to the south end of New Ulm. Take Cottonwood Street to the top where the Dacotah development is. This property was in tax forfeiture and costing all taxpayers money. One brave soul, Mike Kral, owner of MKC Construction, stuck his neck out and purchased several lots and started building beautiful homes. He was taking the risk that they would sell.

Next, take a drive to the north end of New Ulm to the Lakeside Addition. NOBODY wanted to buy these lots. They also went into tax forfeiture, costing tax dollars. Once again, Mike Kral, starting buying lots and building beautiful homes. Again, taking the risk that they would sell. Now, other builders are following suit.

There is so much negativity going on, we need to encourage our young entrepreneurs who are helping make the New Ulm community a great place to live. Maybe the next time you see a MKC Construction vehicle, you might think about stopping and thank them for all the hard work they do.

When a builder purchases land for a development, the land price is only a small percentage of the cost to develop. Please know all the facts before you are so quick to judge.

Broker/Realtor, Proud Mother,

LaNaye Kral

New Ulm


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