Reply to: ‘What a difference four years makes’

To the editor:

In your editorial “What a difference four years makes” you are conveniently leaving out one important factoid. Four years ago — as now — Republicans held the majority concerning the Senate in D.C. Having a hearing would have been a waste to time and money because the Left wants people to reinvent the Constitution, whereas the Right prefers Justices who FOLLOW the Constitution. Personally, I wish Republicans would have spent the time and wasted money for Mr. Garland to be denied so I wouldn’t have to read this nonsense, but…

And, for you who call President Trump a “con-man.” Please give me some instances? I have observed him trying to do everything he said while campaigning 4+ years ago, all the while being under attack every single day by the Left. Or, do you mean Barry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama, and I quote:

1. I think that healthcare, over time, is going to become more popular.

2.I favor legalizing same sex marriages, and I would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.

3.I fought for you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform and I will make it a top priority as President.

There are so MANY more, but my personal favorite…

4. You can keep your own doctor…

Lastly, your not voting for Joe Biden if that’s how you are leaning – he’s the Trojan Horse – if you will, Kamala Harris will be President if Joe gets in shortly after and I sincerely hope you research her. She lost quickly in the Democrat Primaries, and now…?

Brian Nolan



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