Keep Democratic pawn out of Congress

To the editor:

Watching many of our Democrat controlled major cities being destroyed, I see mayors and governors that would rather let their cities burn and people die than accept help from President Trump.

My question, in a country that needs to work together, do you despise the President so much that you would continue to have death and destruction? The offer of Federal help has been extended and refused. The Police Departments have not had the backing they need and are overwhelmed. Rioters are being funded and armed, destroying anything in their way! We need law and order!

In Congress we see the same thing, Democrat Nancy Pelosi doing everything she can to stop the President from accomplishing any good thing for the United States and their Citizens.

Now is a time to keep a steady hand in Washington and re-elect Jim Hagedorn. He is and always will be working for the citizens of the 1st District, small businesses, farmers, highways, health care, etc.

We do not need Dan Feehan supporting Democrat Pelosi that further tears apart and destroys the lives and businesses of innocent law abiding citizens. Their lives have been torn apart and may never be restored due to the inactivity on the part of Democrat control. Call it for what it is, incompetence!

Feehan has stated that he will not take any corporate PAC money, however, Super PAC’s outside the district can spend all the money they want to and who needs outsiders to tell us, the citizens of the 1st District how to vote. Feehan will be another Democrat pawn for Nancy Pelosi.


Fred Lenz

St. James


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