Racial profiling doesn’t work, divides community

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor advocated racial profiling as a means of maintaining peace. The New Ulm Police Department and the New Ulm Human Rights Commission categorically denounce the use of racial profiling by law enforcement.

Simply put, racial profiling doesn’t work; police departments consider this practice unethical. In fact, part of modern police training includes being taught not to use racial profiling. Nor is this practice a good use of police resources — law enforcement never wants to follow a false lead.

Racial profiling leads to racial divisions in the community. These practices pit neighbor against neighbor and cause an atmosphere of unfounded fear and mistrust. Groups who are targeted have their human rights violated. Racial profiling doesn’t help any community to be welcoming. Overall, racial profiling is not healthy for the well-being of the community and is not used by the New Ulm Police Department.

Police Chief David Borchert

New Ulm Human Rights

Commission Public Relations Committee:

Larry Czer

Wendi Ringhofer

Daniel Kalk

Tim Frenning


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