Larry Mack for City Council President

To the editor:

Larry Mack is our friend, neighbor and city ward councilor.

When we met Larry he seemed to know everyone. We would see him volunteering at many of the fundraisers we would attend, like at Bavarian Blast (Heritagefest), Oktoberfest at Schell’s, and at Lind House events.

When we were building our house in town he volunteered to come over and help teach us how to correctly put in the tile and hardwood. He stayed most of the day:)

There are so many people and he has helped in our community. You may not know all that he has done for our town because he isn’t one to brag about how he spends his personal time. Have you seen the outdoor shelter in the Jr. Pioneer Park or the beautiful iron fence?

There are many businesses and people he has helped by donating his time. He does not ask to be paid because if it is good for this community or helps make someone’s life easier then it is a worth while investment.

He has a connection to everything New Ulm as a 6th generation descendant. He is also a long-time employee with 3M. He cares deeply about our town, so he volunteers by donating time and money to many of the local institutions and/or serving on their board. Jr. Pioneer Park, Lind House, Turner Hall, Brown County Museum, and The Grand are just a few we know of.

He has helped Kathleen get her church ready for people to use for events.

He built the Mini Museum outside of the Grand and worked on the pizza oven and printing presses on the inside.

As a city councilor, Larry is approachable and always willing to listen. He is often on the phone with people from around town who have concerns. He listens, and acts in the best interest of the people he represents. He may not always agree, but he will listen with an open mind and make a decision based on what his constituents feel is important.

Larry Mack has the experience already being on the board for six years and he wants what is best for New Ulm because Larry Mack is New Ulm. We hope you will join us in supporting him as the next President of the New Ulm City Council.

Jay and Vickie Tambornino

New Ulm


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