Is Profiling OK?

To the editor:

For the last 4 years, we have been responding to “letters to the editor” that range from the conservative, to the lunatic fringe. We have tried to answer politely, with a well thought out argument based on facts, science and what we believe is good for our town and our country. But the letter exhorting the virtues of profiling really got me thinking. What exactly was the criteria for choosing to give a forum to such a view that has caused so much pain in our society? Is it to sell papers? Does it contribute to the well-being of our community? Or, does it pander and validate views that have been discredited over and over and are the antithesis of American values? Responding not only gives this view credence, but it has not made people reconsider their own views. It only continues a debate for the sake of debating, and it does not make our community more united or our world better.

Alma Marin

New Ulm


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