Vote for Boettger Tuesday

To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Andrea Boettger and her candidacy for City Council President. I’ve known Andrea for nearly ten years, and in that time I have seen her in action. It’s no easy feat to manage Turner Hall, and I have seen firsthand her ability to manage multiple aspects of her job without missing beat. Not only does she understand the complex financial and business structure, she also leads her staff through example.

She is a dedicated worker and volunteer who has given countless hours without asking for anything in return. She manages her time and tasks effectively and has done an incredible job of navigating and managing this very large old building and business in these uncertain times.

Andrea knows how to balance her tasks well, and would certainly do the same as Councilor at Large. Not only does she have business sense, but also the understanding of how different aspects of issues tie together. Andrea is a problem solver, listener, and someone who gets things done. I believe she would represent our city very well and that is why I am supporting Andrea Boettger for City Council President.

Carol Steinhaus

New Ulm


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