Hagedorn has been everywhere in district

To the editor:

The other day, a letter was published in the Free Press making an outrageous claim that Congressman Hagedorn is not spending time in and working across the First District. The author is in error and I would like to set the record straight.

Media reports and photos documenting Hagedorn traveling throughout southern Minnesota are everywhere: visiting farmers, delivering curbside meals to seniors, stopping by police departments, rallying for small business on our main streets, meeting with social workers, visiting rural hospitals and even participating in Fairmont’s recent Veteran’s parade.

During his previous campaigns and as our Congressman, Hagedorn has worked tirelessly to visit our communities and shake every possible hand. During this first term in Congress, Hagedorn has made 51 round trips to and from Washington, held 21 in-person town halls (one in each county in the district) and made hundreds of stops across southern Minnesota!

It shows character and persistence for an elected member of Congress, especially during a pandemic, to continue working in his district so hard and staying connected with constituents. Even while battling kidney cancer, Jim works as hard as any Congressman or candidate in the nation.

Jim Hagedorn has a record of showing up for his constituents, and he deserves our strong support.

Peter Trocke

St. Peter


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