Suffering for white fragility

To the editor:

Aha! Bigots walk on both sides of the road. Oh , how it must feel for some to be so righteous — free of the evils of racial bias — and all the other phobias.

Please somebody write a manifesto, “The Rghteous Free of Racism,” so we unwashed and unreasonable can be led into enlightenment, free of guilt, thus avoiding your revolution.

Please keep your verse simple, for we may not be of the intellectually elite or able to see in color, as you.

I personally don’t care what shape, size, color or creed folks are, as long as they are partaking in and contributing to this American Dream (that some risk death to be part of), not expecting me to kiss some body part south of the waist.

Get over it. Move on. Get so busy providing for yours and yourself that you don’t notice that pale face working next to you.

Don’t ask from me more than I have to give.

Don’t ask to be elevated higher than I can reach.

There always seems to be a lot of do-gooders. Seems they’re doing and have done well for themselves. Do-gooders never fix problems — so they always have a job.

Do-ers (Americans) get it done and move on.

Suffering for white fragility.

Mitch Abbas

New Ulm


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