Sleepy Eye librarian should be judge on job performance

To the editor:

On Wednesday evening, when the painful subject of the termination of Library Director Andrew Kelton is considered by the Sleepy Eye City Council, Andy should be judged on the performance of his job. Not on a personality conflict with City official. Not on a petty complaint. Not on the jealous maneuvering of someone seeking his job.

Libraries everywhere are in transition from reliance on the printed word to new methods of delivering information, providing recreational reading and becoming a source of hands-on learning. In the six years that he has been here, Andy has taken the Library to the cutting edge of this transition. He has introduced innovative program after program. The Library is a dynamic resource for the community. The City should be congratulating him, not waging a campaign against him.

Andy is a professional. He has a Master’s Degree in Library Studies. He is well respected among his colleagues. He is an asset to the community. He does not deserve to be terminated.

Gail Christensen

Former Head Librarian

Dyckman Free Library


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