Shooting club will change quality of life nearby

To the editor:

Our life in this peaceful valley will be changed as we know it. The Courtland area, Shag Road and all areas inside of 4 miles to the west will have a new concern for their families and property. The proposed gun club expansion is asking to host corporate vents and tournaments with up to 500 shooters. Excess noise, dust and poor air quality, beer cans, bottles and other trash, lead in ground water, raining escaped rounds and other nuisances may be the norm now. The first week of June our family witnessed a stray round come within 30 feet of a family member and lodged in a tree nearby. There were some rapid fire shots going off in the unopened proposed gun club next door that day. Some individuals were having a practice session. We live inside of one mile of the facility. The neighbors to the south have pistols pointing their way and are trying to devise a plan on how to get in their fields safely. To the west will be rifle fire and with possible ricocheting and neglectful discharges.

All of New Ulm should be concerned as the berm is facing right towards them too. Some of these centerfire rounds can travel 2 to 4 miles or more. I’m not a gun hater, but this has the potential to let this 40 acres turn our properties into a dangerous target zone. A whole lot of hushing and rushing going though our small government in Nicollet County. Even without proper permitting for earthwork done! The County Commissioners have approved with conditions and language clarification is happening now. Time to get the word out. Anyone having problems in the future with stray rounds, noise issues or the like please call the Nicollet County Sheriff at 507-931-1570.

Brenda Guldan

New Ulm


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