Grieving a lost baseball summer

To the editor:

As longtime baseball parents who loved watching the kids play, we share the disappointment from the necessary cancelation of the state baseball tournament in New Ulm. But I’m sure we don’t feel it as deeply as the good people who worked so hard for many years to make the plans that are now abandoned — or we hope only delayed. And then of course there are the kids who are missing a whole summer of baseball and softball.

If only we had a caring and competent national leadership — a president — who had taken the virus seriously and not wasted the months earlier this year during which the virus could have been controlled, as has been done in nearly every other country in the world. South Korea identified their first case the same day the US did and today they are actually welcoming people back into their baseball parks. We could have had another great New UIm baseball summer, not to mention many tens of thousands of lives saved. We can’t endure four more years of this.

Tom and Judy Kuster

New Ulm


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