Some things don’t add up

To the editor:

It took but a few moments on the Internet to become aware that cogent critiques of “White Fragility,” a book mentioned in a recent letter, exist in abundance, and that one wouldn’t know where to start in selecting key quotations. So I’ll just refer to John McWhorter’s designation of it as a “racist tract,” and proceed to a few questions relating to current events.

Was Thomas Sowell on to something in saying that “systemic racism” is really without meaning? Was Jordan Peterson on to something in saying that the notion of “white privilege” is itself racist? Are those on to something who compare present-day charges of racism with charges of witchcraft a few centuries ago? “Listeners are in the same position as accused witches in Salem; you can’t prove you’re not a witch, just as you can’t prove you’re not a racist.” (Online article by Kyle Smith, “The Capitalist Genius of the Anti-Racism Movement”)

If segregation was so bad, why is the Left bringing it back? Why are we trying to police the world when we don’t protect our own law-abiding citizens? Should we have defunded the empire a long time ago? Does Diversity have room for Nicolas Sandmann? Or Stephen Hsu? Or Anthony Esolen? Or Mike Adams?

R.E. Wehrwein

New Ulm


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