When is enough, enough?

To the editor:

When is enough, enough? A financial institution will usually issue a loan as long as it is feasible and the money will be recovered. When the loan is no longer safe and, possibly, cannot be recovered, the financial institution may say “sorry, enough is enough. We cannot loan you any more money and get you even further in debt.”

GFW is now in that position. The tax-payers in the district are intelligent enough to know this and just maybe it’s time to say “no more.” What guarantee will the tax-payers receive that the district, in a couple of years, again, will NOT be asking for more money? Our new superintendent has a “100 Day Plan.” All plans look good on paper, but putting them into action is a totally different matter.

It seems usually every year the district has a budget but never sticks to it. Most of us have to live within our means and we seem to manage. These are bad times for businesses, individuals and farmers and money is scarce. According to the forecasts, our situation is going to get worse before it gets better. We have to cutback or go without, which nobody likes to do.

The district has some excellent teachers but nothing is guaranteed. There are at least five (5) very good public school systems and three (3) very good parochial school systems in our area. Our kids will get an education. If they are active in GFW they will be active wherever they attend. There is a lot to think about and tough decisions to be made by all of us. Whatever the outcome of the vote on August 11, we will adjust. Thanks for your time.

Dorothy Prax



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