Wake-Up Sleepy Eye!

To the editor:

As some of you know, Sleepy Eye City Manager, Russell “Bob” Elston, on Wednesday, July 22, placed Andrew Kelton; department head for the Dyckman Free Library on administrative leave and told him he would go before the city council for possible termination. Is this acceptable practice these days? Let us put the responsibility where it belongs: on our council members, City Manager, and those working behind the scenes at City Hall.

Kelton moved to Sleepy Eye nearly six years ago with his young family from Wisconsin; adding two twin girls who will soon be 4 years old. Andrew has a Masters in Library Information Science from UW-Milwaukee, making one among none with a degree. If you have met Andrew, you know that he is one of the most humane, selfless, and kind people that currently work for our city. He is work oriented and you can set your watch by his routine. It never varies. It’s not unheard of for him to work through a lunch break to help employees or library users. People of every age are welcome and encouraged in the library. He knows every name and shows genuine interest in every person and what they have to say. You will often see him carry an arm load of books out to a senior’s car, or even deliver to their home.

The library has been transformed into a place the community can be proud of, because of the work by the Kelton family. We have a Spanish Language collection, a play area for children, public-use computers, the beginnings of a Maker Space, and so much more.

So, explain to me why a man who has given so much to the community is being treated so poorly and is being pushed from his position without cause? The library is a success story in our city. Why would we want this person gone? Why would we treat a person with such integrity in such a despicable manner? He is one of the bright spots in our community, one of our few successes. His customer driven approach is one we need more of from city employees.

In closing, you can stand up with me, the Kelton’s, and our community to do the right thing. First, sign the petition to reinstate Andrew Kelton as the Department Head of the Dyckman Free Library. The petition will be available starting Friday, July 31. Stop to sign it at: 201 Walnut Street S.E. , Sleepy Eye, MN. Every day from 7 to 9 p.m.

Second, call each and every council member in Sleepy Eye.

*Mayor Wayne Pelzel: 507-276-9558

Doug Pelzel: 507-794-6709

*Joann Schmidt: 507-227-1508

Gary Windschitl: 507-794-2792

*Larry Braun: 507-794-6498

Nate Stevermer: 507-676-0827

*Up for re-election in November.

Rejeana Wick

Sleepy Eye


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