Don’t lecture me on wearing masks

To the editor:

Being a bit claustrophobic and having a sinus condition, I can’t wear hoods, hats, caps, scarves, earmuffs, earphones, etc., but recently it was necessary for me to go to a New Ulm store for a few things. They gave me a mask in the entryway and I tried wearing it but it was extremely difficult. At the checkout my glasses were steamed up, I couldn’t breathe and my anxiety attack set in as I was hyperventilating. The checkout gal couldn’t understand what I was saying, so I had to pull the mask down to talk, breathe and see so I could count out my payment as I was shaking and close to passing out as I have done in the past.

She said you’re not wearing it right, not supposed to touch it, we’ve had to wear them a while already, etc. I said I don’t care, paid her and said I have to get the ‘H’ out of here, which is normally not me, but terror had set in.

I am 67 years old with a walking disability and as soon as I could get out of there I ripped off the bacteria-ridden muzzle and gasped for air. I guess those who are younger, have no disabilities or medical conditions, good eyesight and lungs, no pains, etc., are privileged, but should not have to lecture those of us who try to comply but have serious problems leading to medical emergencies. Don’t come up to us and say we’re not doing something right as we do the best we can and don’t want to give up the little independence we have.

I guess what all makes up my being is of no value to anyone except God adn my family. Please don’t be a busy-body and take it into your own hands to make remarks to someone you feel you need to correct as you may get nasty remarks back from someone who is usually a nice, friendly person but is currently under extreme duress at the time.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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