Drain the Minnesota Swamp, starting in 16B

To the editor:

The Republicans have a great opportunity to help drain the Minnesota Swamp in this upcoming primary election to choose the person they would have represent them in the Minnesota State House of Representatives for District 16B. That’s right, the “people” of 16B can choose the person to represent us rather than a select few “establishment” elite in the Metro. We have had a “go alone, get along” Republican representative for SIX terms now and I have yet found anyone in 16B that can name one issue that stands out to them that he is known for.

We need someone that is willing to go against the establishment grain and actually stand up for the principles of freedom, liberty and property rights regardless of being part of the majority or minority in the body of the House of Representatives.

Tammy Houle is that kind of person to do that. She has taken the arrows and kept on fighting.!!! She has been and will continue to be a strong voice for the unborn, our 2nd Amendment, property rights, including the repeal of the buffer bill, lowering the tax burden and eliminating wasteful government spending. The Minnesota Taxpayers League has given a rating of 57% which equals an “F” for our current representative. That puts him in the bottom 8 of Republicans out of the present 59 that are currently serving. One would think after being there for 12 years there should be a better score.

We need to have a strong, principled, Constitutional, Christian, conservative as our representative in 16B who will be a part of the New Republican majority to right the wrongs and make Minnesota a great place to live, work, farm and do business in again!

Rhonda Tubbs



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