Vote for Houle in 16B

To the editor:

When do we say “enough is enough”? I, along with many other people of District 16B, have just about had all we will take of being “ruled” by an elite faction of power and control freaks in our Minnesota State Capital!

Our fundamental rights of life, liberty and property rights have been ignored, trampled on and totally discarded by those who swore and oath to protect our rights.

What is most disappointing is my own representative of 16B is nowhere to be seen or heard publicly about this. Where is he? What is he doing to stop this aggression against us? There are a few representatives in our surrounding districts that have been publicly banging the pots and pans and yelling from the rooftops for the benefits and principles of our Constitution, both State and Federal, for the people they represent. However, nothing but crickets from 16B.

It is time for a “changing of the guard.” Someone who is willing to stand up and fight for the rights of all the people of District 16B. We are NOT just the few from the land of “rocks and cows.” Our voices need to be heard in St Paul and we need a representative who will ensure that OUR lives, OUR livelihood, OUR freedoms, OUR liberties and OUR property rights matter!

I, along with many others, truly believe that TAMMY HOULE is that person who is willing and able to represent the citizens of 16B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. She has a proven record of standing strong on these precious principles that allow us to be a free and lawful society.

I respectfully request that you consider TAMMY HOULE to be on the ballot on Nov. 3, 2020 by voting for her in the upcoming primary election on Aug. 11, 2020.

Roger Baumann



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