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To the editor:

We could all learn about and appreciate the pain and injustice experienced by many of our citizens in the USA from reading Carol Anderson’s “One Person, No Vote.” Isabel Wilkerson’s book “The Warmth of Other Suns,” published in 2010, about the movement of 6 million black citizens forced into internal migration to avoid terror and oppression in the southern US from 1915 to the 1970’s gives testimony to the injustices suffered by many. The New You Times Magazine of June 28, 2020 had a very good article by Nikole Hannah-Jones on what we owe to the black citizens who have been unjustly treated and denigrated as second class citizens since 1865.

Wilkerson writes in the New York Times Magazine, July 5, 2020 issue, about America’s enduring racial caste system. In 1923 a commission tasked with preventing a repeat of the race riots in Chicago of 1919 concluded that we must include black people as full and equal citizens and provide adequate housing, health care, and education to all citizens. Unfortunately, the advice was ignored and almost 100 years later, we are having the same story repeat itself.

Betsy Hodges, the recent mayor of Minneapolis, in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 12, 2020, wrote about how flawed beliefs that aggressive patrolling of black communities provides a wall of protection around white people and our property. The abuses of this approach have become obvious. She states we should create school systems that truly give all children a chance, provide health care for everyone not tied to employment, and change police departments to actually serve and protect all of our citizens.

John Kluge

New Ulm


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