A decision well made 10 years ago

To the editor:

Recently it was announced that the Chamber of Commerce would be installing 8′ tall aluminum cutouts of New Ulm’s signature Hermann statue next to three of the highway entrance signs into New Ulm from now until Sept. 7. These temporary promotional cutouts recall a decision made 10 years ago amid a controversy. Back in 2010 it was noted that the old wooden entrance signs to the city needed replacement. The City Council appointed a committee to design new greeting signs to serve for 100 years. The committee proposed new stone signs to read: “Welcome, New Ulm.” A citizens group was quickly formed to change the wordage to “Willkommen, New Ulm” to reaffirm New Ulm’s Germanic heritage and culture for visitors and citizens alike. The City Council decided to put the issue to a vote by the public. “Willkommen” won by 62% to 38%. Now, after 10 years, our decorative stone signs look good for another 90 years.

George L. Glotzbach

New Ulm


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