Thank care workers by wearing masks

To the editor:

I was shocked and saddened to hear that so far, to date, the covid 19 virus has claimed the lives of 1,000 of our precious health care workers nationwide.

The best way we have of protecting the lives of our doctors, nurses and other care-givers is to protect ourselves and each other from this deadly virus. I am proud to protect those around me by wearing a face mask and physically distancing myself from others when I am in public. This is the only way at this time that we have of protecting ourselves, those we love, those we do not even know, and especially our health care workers from getting this highly communicable virus.

When I see others wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from me, I know that they, too, care about me and everyone else around them. I also know that they realize that the best way for us to protect each other, and protect the lives of our medical workers, is for each of us to stay safe and healthy so we do not put our doctors and nurses in the position of having to care for us if we become sick enough with covid 19 to be hospitalized.

I am thankful that I live in a community of people who care!

Jaklyn Hutchins

Sleepy Eye


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