Loves baseball, but concerned about COVID-19

To the editor:

I’ve loved New Ulm baseball ever since I watched the wonderful opportunities created by hometown ball, including for my own son, and also for so many others – to participate in, and for their parents and others to enjoy. I read the entire article (City Council OKs hosting state baseball tournament, 3-2, July 8) and was appalled how MBA Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Mike Nagel (who is not even from New Ulm) responded to Dr. Ann Vogel’s very legitimate concerns for our community.

My concerns are not so much for what will happen in the wonderful updated baseball venues. There are ways that I hope they will be able to manage that safely for players, coaches, parents, fans and those handling tickets and concessions. I’m more concerned about what will happen in New Ulm when businesses, including restaurants, bars, grocery and other stores, motels, etc. may not be able to convince visitors to follow safe standards. Mankato just put a required mask rule in place. In New Ulm, even many of our residents are not wearing masks in grocery stores, other open businesses, including the post office (and even the clinic) and don’t always obey the requirements in the only open restaurant we’ve been in twice.

New Ulm businesses will benefit from the fans that will attend the tournament but at what price to New Ulm? Will all the parents, fans, players and coaches, follow appropriate COVID guidelines or even accidentally bring in infection? I copied the names and votes of our city counselors. I know the names of the two who voted not to have the tournament here. If the three who voted to have the tournaments in New Ulm made a big mistake (I pray they didn’t), if they are in my district it will affect my vote next time if I see their name on the ballot.

Judy Kuster

New Ulm


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