Finding hope in protests

To the editor:

Thank you, Kevin Sweeney, for your words re: “Black Lives Matter” on Saturday, July 27. You stated so well what everyone needs to be reminded of each day, “that each life matters.” This has not been true, as our history tells us.

I, as a privileged white person, didn’t realize until adulthood the traumas and injustices that were being done to people who were a different color than me, or a different sexual orientation than me. So many horrific actions are a part of our history.

The recent protests have brought me hope once again. I admit that protesting makes me feel uncomfortable (putting one’s self out there for something you feel is important). I also know that voices need to be heard in order for change to happen. So with that said I am thankful for our young people who are the driving force in implementing change in our humanity for one another and moving us forwad to be better people. May we all try to listen, learn, help where we can and stand up for those being preyed upon.

Marlys Zetah

New Ulm


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