Shooting practice in the pit

To the editor:

Weekly, stalwart patriots fire off their automatic and semi-automatic firearrns in the Cambria gravel pit. A family lives directly across the highway, State Highway 68.

Both spouses work and undoubtedly would like to relax, of a Saturday. I hasten to add: this family have not sought my help (lest the patriots across in the pit retaliate against them in some way).

Why are they target-practicing? Will they likely miss, even with these types of weapons?

These people are governed by a great fear of anarchists, Blacks, socialists and communists. They will be ready for anything.

The governor of Minnesota has incurred their wrath; they are accusing him of taking away their constitutional rights, with his pandemic mandates.

Why have Blue Earth County law enforcement and the Minnesota State Patrol allowed this?

Walter O. Jones

Lake Crystal


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