2020 election

To the editor:

Fellow citizens, in this time of unrest and uncertainty few things are guaranteed. Death, taxes, the behavior of the Republican Party and the fact that this is, without a doubt, the most important election of our lifetime.

As a retired educator, and as an Army veteran, a number of things are important to me. Honesty, integrity, transparency, morality, empathy and a sense of fair play are what I look for in any political leader. These qualities are seriously lacking in our current District 1 congressman. Dan Feehan is a fellow veteran, former teacher and embodies the qualities I look for in a political leader. He is one of the rare politicians who will actually answer your question instead of deflecting to a prepared list of talking points. The substance of his answers reflect my values.

I encourage every citizen to turn out to vote. We need to vote for individuals who will lead our state and our nation; not posture, not pretend, not divide, but will actually lead in a unified way for all Americans and all Minnesotans. Someone who will actually do their job and act in the best interest of the people, not themselves. This November I emplore you to vote, and to vote for Dan Feehan, District One.

Charles Anderson



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