Thank you, demonstrators

To the editor:

Saturday, June 6th, saw a record number of protestors supporting Black Lives Matter, not only nationwide, but in major cities throughout the world. I am proud of our courageous, civic-minded and inspiring young people of New Ulm for taking to the streets, once again, on this historic day. As the George Floyd memorial was taking place in North Carolina, peaceful protestors everywhere were rightfully joining in on the call for justice, equality and an end to systemic racism. I am heartened by the outpouring of support the group known as Equality from New Ulm received from passersby who gave honks, waves, thumbs ups, shouts of encouragement, and fists raised in solidarity.

So many recent events in our country have simultaneously outraged and saddened me, but I know that together we can transform the system which has oppressed and brutalized black people for hundreds of years. For my part, I have a new-found appreciation for just how essential our votes are at the local level. We must elect officials who will use this momentum to create and implement meaningful legislation for positive change. Now is the time for action.

I will repeat what countless others are saying: enough is enough. Just as the murder of Emmitt Till was a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, the murder of George Floyd is giving new life to the Black Lives Matter movement. It is of paramount importance that we stand for justice. To be clear, protestors and supporters for the movement are not contradicting the value of all lives. What is being said is that now is the time to give focus and credence to the lives of black people, lives that have been harmed for far too long, lives that do matter.

I am hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Elizabeth Ness

New Ulm


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