Don’t lose focus on state power grab

To the editor:

It is happening again. Ferguson, LA, Baltimore, now, Minneapolis and spreading. Riots, looting, property damage and arson. We are in the midst of lawlessness, chaos and anarchy.

All this has taken much of the focus off, what is seeming to be, a complete over reaction turned into a power grab by our current governor “Timmy.”

We have some local businesses in our small communities that have reached the end of the line. They are contemplation whether or not they can sustain another day, much less another week or longer and as a result they may be lost forever. Not to forget to mention what has happened to our schools and churches. Many of the establishments that we have taken for granted like our bars, restaurants, barber shops, hair salons that just three months ago were available to us at our convenience and choice may no longer be there. Many of the people that worked for these businesses and depended on the paychecks and tips are suffering even more. Years of hard work and sacrifice went into many of these businesses, they are our friends and neighbors.

All the devastation that has befallen our local communities is not the fault of bad business practices or poorly made decisions on their part, it is a result of purposeful decisions by an unscrupulous, overzealous, opportunistic, power grabbing governor and the like minded minions surrounding him.

We are playing the game of “Captain May I” and “Timmy” has assumed the position of the Captain or moreover a “Monarch.”

What happened to our Constitutional rights, our Bill of Rights, our freedom, our liberty and property rights? Have people become so complacent, so apathetic that they willingly gave all that up for this current version of security? What will be the end result? What will our society become? What will it look like? Will we ever be as free as we were a little over three months ago?

I pray that people will wake up before it’s too late. There is little time left.

Roger Baumann



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