He’ll be singing in church

To the editor:

Thank you Bishop LeVoir, Catholic Bishops of Minnesota, and our fellow Missouri Synod Lutheran Christians for forcing Governor Walz to “allow” our churches to re-open. Better late than never. I was afraid Walz might make us wait until Christmas to worship again. The churches announced they would open to weekday services (under restrictions on May 26, and weekend services at 33% seating capacity with restrictions on May 31). I found it amusing that Walz came to the table late in the game, and agreed to weekday services on May 27, and only 25% seating capacity on May 31. How gracious of Walz to cede some of his “powers” to the faithful Christians.

I find Walz’s restrictions on singing in church to be ridiculous. I hope people remember Walz as the governor that forbid singing in church. I am aware of the choir that held a practice, and many of the members came down with COVID. Nobody is forcing anyone to go to church. Our Diocese is dispensing the obligation to attend weekend Mass for now. If you are still afraid of COVID, watch Mass online, or wear a mask. I will NOT be wearing a mask, as it IS optional. I will be sitting in my usual Sunday spot in the front pew on the North side of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church on May 31. I might have to arrive early now that seating is only 25% capacity vs. 33%. I hope we can find somebody to run the official clicker to get an accurate head count. I don’t usually sing that much during Mass, but I just might start now. I think I’ll sing God Bless America.

I’ve said my church singing voice is criminal. Now I’ll finally get the chance to prove it. I always thought the Constitution guaranteed the separation of Church and State, but no more. I look forward to Walz sending in his storm troopers to arrest me for singing in church. Law enforcement can just ask the ushers who I am. I would prefer lights and sirens as they haul me away. I hope Attorney General Ellison doesn’t fine me $25,000.00 like he threatens to fine businesses that break the rules. No matter, I won’t pay it anyway. Walz might as well release some criminal from prison to make room for me. I understand St. Paul wrote letters to his followers from prison. While I’m no saint (although my name IS Paul), I’ll still write letters to the editor, and my friends from prison too. I’m not so sure I’m ready to be a martyr. I hope this whole scene doesn’t reflect poorly on our church parish. I wouldn’t want them to close our church.

Paul Platz



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