Garlic Mustard — Nature’s Coronavirus

To the editor:

Garlic mustard, in addition to buckthorn, is decimating our woodlands. Nature’s dam has been broken and the invasives are flooding in. A walk in the woods may be difficult with spreading buckthorn. Garlic mustard has turned many woods into a sea of white (flowers). Gone is the diversity of plants that once covered and supported our woodlands.

So, why is this happening? Our MN Department of Agriculture, our county, our cities, our townships, our Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the Brown County Soil and Water District, our representatives, our churches (stewardship of God’s gifts), our representatives, our schools, our media, our realtors, ourselves, me… we’ve failed. There’s no education about invasives and useful plans on how to handle them. We are allowing the most dangerous thing to happen — ignoring the situation and letting garlic mustard, buckthorn, and others spread.

Conservation of natural resources is a vital part of any successful culture. It is shocking how little our culture is doing to respond to invasives. It starts by lighting a little passion — if you love the outdoors, give back. Learn about invasives. Speak up. Do something. By the way — have you pulled your garlic mustard today? Let’s make America’s woodlands great again…

Joe Gartner

New Ulm


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