The masked and the unmasked

To the editor:

A recent Associated Press photo pictures Representative Daudt leaving the House not wearing a face mask. It was stated all DFL legislators chose to wear a face mask and all Republicans chose not to.

I am disappointed that we have allowed this crisis to become politicized and that we have sorted ourselves into categories of the masked and the unmasked. I would like to believe that if you are a Republican you have concern for the well-being of all our citizens and that if you are of the DFL persuasion that you also are concerned about people being able to work and businesses doing well.

In a neighborly discussion about businesses reopening I was informed that: “This is America, you know.” Does that mean that individual freedom is paramount or that others believe it is unimportant?

I think we need to do better in this situation than to sort ourselves and each other into the masked and the unmasked.

Darrell Hinsman

New Ulm


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