The end of the rope

To the editor:

The end of the rope is here. There is no more. We have a governor that has no idea nor does he care of the devastation he has brought on to the thousands of businesses, to say nothing for the tens of thousands of the citizens of the once-great State of Minnesota. He is playing favorites to select businesses that are contributors and supporters of him and his agenda. They were also feeling the devastation from his overbearing edicts and were relieved of them by getting “special” treatment in order to be able to stay in their business. What makes selling candy more essential than, say, a salon, barber shop, bar, restaurant or any other mom and pop business? There is no logic to the actions that he is taking with his overbearing, unconstitutional “emergency powers.”

The numbers of what the governor and his team based this on have never materialized. Many of the hospitals are sitting with empty beds. The models his “advisors” were using were being changed virtually every day. So, what good were they? The focus should have been on the elderly, those with previously diagnosed medical deficiencies that made them more susceptible, and made efforts to protect them.

There was no logical reason to scare the beegees out of every single person and force them to “shelter in place”, not for just days or a couple weeks, but months, not allowing them to work and be able to put food on the table and pay their bills.

The governor has blown the surplus, if there really was one, the rainy day fund and still no end in sight. So what is left to do? Oh yeah, go begging to the Federal Government for more. Where are they going to get the money? In case you forgot, that’s our money too and without businesses open and no work, where is all the money you plan to spend going to come from?

Most of us could understand that perhaps a couple weeks maybe even to three weeks was enough to flatten the curve and from then on begin to reopen everything so as not to cripple the economy to a near unrecoverable point. For some people and businesses, it is already too late.

Roger Baumann



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