To the editor:

Greetings Comrades and Fellow Inmates. It’s now over 2 months of our Minnesota experiment of Socialism under our very own Governor Walz. In my 4-11-20 letter, I thought the lock down was either misguided, or a bigger disaster than we bargained for. I was wrong. It was both. Unemployment in Minnesota is at all time highs. Businesses are failing. Our food delivery system is crumbling before our eyes.

I still believe the lock down simply delayed the inevitable spreading of COVID until we eventually reach Herd Immunity. The original theme presented by Walz was “Flatten the Curve of COVID.” He didn’t say eliminate, cure, or avoid. As time went on, Walz moved to “Facts not Fear,” while continuing the lock down. Walz refused to release the “models” (facts) he used in his estimates. He predicted the possibility of 74,000 deaths in Minnesota. Turns out 2 recent mathematics graduates of the University of Minnesota participated in the models. Maybe they attended Bock Fest in New Ulm in March and observed the 73,400 attendees at Bock Fest were NOT wearing PPE, and all of them would perish in the pandemic.

We moved to “testing”. Walz indicated we could look at opening the economy when we could do 5,000 tests/day. The next day Mayo said they could do 10,000. Walz moved the goalpost to 20,000. Even Charlie Brown would be smart enough not to kick the football if Walz was the holder.

Walz moved on to “Stay Safe Minnesota”. “Big Brother” (1984 by George Orwell) has been watching us, and Walz scolded us for getting a “D” for not staying at home. “Dictator” Walz might “turn back the dial” on some of our newfound freedoms if we get a failing grade. The same day Walz granted us partial freedom, his Facebook page published a phone number for people to call if they don’t “feel safe” at their job. Businesses get to open at 50% capacity, and have to wonder when the State is coming to review their safe operating procedures plan because they were turned in by their employees. The same employees who would rather be home receiving unemployment AND federal stimulus money than working.

Every “relaxing of the shut down” comes with restrictions. Go camping, but don’t stay overnight, and no bathrooms available. Go fishing, but don’t go with a friend, or use more than a tank of gas. No high school graduations on football fields with social distancing, but standing in line at Walmart and Costco is OK. Alcohol, candy, and abortions are essential, fixing my knee was not. People are snitching on their neighbors. 1984 was intended as a warning, not a playbook, Governor Walz. Next will be mandatory vaccinations. Read the book.

Paul Platz



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