Trump providing great leadership on COVID-19

To the editor:

To those criticizing President Donald Trump over the COVID-19 pandemic:

Truth be known, President Trump stopped all travel from China in late January. That action prevented thousands more deaths in the U.S., for which we are grateful.

We’ve had the great leadership of President Trump to get us through the coronavirus outbreak. He has taken the advice of supposed experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birz, and medical staff at hospitals. President Trump engaged with many businesses, such as Ford, GMC, 3M Company and others to manufacture and provide ventilators, masks, gowns, gloves and testing needed. Keep in mind, when they do more testing, the virus numbers will increase. The continued “shelter in place” order is making us weaker and more susceptible to the disease.

President Trump prompted scientists to test medicines and vaccines to find a cure for COVID-19. He has been working together with the governors of all states to protect nursing homes, assisted living facilities, the elderly and compromised individuals.

The governors, not President Trump, had the sole right to issue stay-at-home orders in the individual states for closing businesses, including schools and colleges, while keeping essential businesses open.

The spread of the virus affected many workers at slaughtering plants, to the point of shutting them down. That led to disaster for farmers, having to euthanize chickens, hogs and cattle, which caused food shortages and higher prices for the consumer.

Recognizing the governors’ need for help, President Trump issued a presidential order for the processing plants to make safe practicing changes and reopen the plants. We have to keep in mind, without the farmers, what would we eat?

The shutdown of our country has created havoc with our economy and its people. Small business will have a really tough time re-opening, causing bankruptcy in some cases. Mental health should also be considered. We should be careful not to make the “cure worse than the disease.”

This pandemic seems to be working in the Socialist Democrats’ favor, people out of work, stock market going down, food shortages and a failing economy, and blaming it all on Trump. Could this be another ploy to get rid of Trump? After all, the Russian investigation was fruitless and the impeachment process offered “no proof” and failed to remove him. Is this their last attempt to “vote him out” of office?S

President Trump offers us hope and stands strong with a common sense approach of getting us back on track, at the same time, “draining the swamp.”

Vote Donald J. Trump on Nov. 3 to avoid complete socialist rule, where all your freedoms will be taken from you.

Please, go to your church and “pray.” It is easy to do “social distancing” there.

Jan Platz

New Ulm

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