Give Trump credit for his leadership

To the editor:

I am a conservative Republican who is impressed with Democratic Governor Tim Walz’s leadership here in Minnesota. “Politics” isn’t helpful in our present situation where a virus is infecting people of all sects, gender, culture, status, religion, and party.

Why is it so hard for people to find the good in Republican President Trump’s leadership? I am frustrated with the news media that works so hard to point out (often without true regard to the context of his words) Trump’s efforts in a negative manner. We are enduring a moment in time where people need to work together!

I know Trump has many rough edges, but his present leadership is secure and solid with exceptional and intelligent people working along-side him! Please give him the deference he deserves. And if you believe in God, who is bigger than the effect of a miniscule-but-powerful virus, ask Him to give Trump wisdom. Ask God to help him do his impossibly-hard job. Unspoken support would be so much healthier for all of us than nitpicky and mean reporting that doesn’t do anybody any good during this unprecedented global intrusion. I am asking people to do what I am doing for Governor Walz; he deserves my support even if I’m not a Democrat.

Germaine Rysdahl

New Ulm


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