Catholic… really?

To the editor:

Congress has been putting together a coronavirus relief package. This relief package is being created for the citizens of the United States, who have been asked to stay home from work and therefore will receive no paychecks with which to pay their bills. We all have been asked to wash our hands, disinfect surfaces, observe social distancing, six feet apart, when we go out for essentials, otherwise “just stay home!”

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been adding a lot of non-related requests to this most important survival package. For instance, increased funding for abortion and the Green New Deal, global warming and, basically, their laundry list. It is an outrage to think they would delay, in any way, the urgency of this bill being passed, preventing sending relief to the people, who are under extreme stress in this coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the people who are suffering with the coronavirus itself and those who have lost loved ones.

Nancy Pelosi continues to boast that she is a Catholic. Puh-LEASE! It is hypocritical to ask for funding for killing babies, when at the same time pretending to care about the American people’s lives!

This is no time for partisan politics! During this Lenten season, we need to pray for the 23% of pro-life Democrats to recognize the damage done by their “Leader of the House” Pelosi and Schumer, and replace them.

We thank God for the leadership of President Trump and all the medical professionals, FEMA and all others involved for their expertise, guidance and spirit of hope.

In this time of crisis, may we be humbled, and pray to bring people back to God during this Lenten season, and rejoice in Jesus’ Resurrection.

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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