Experience during difficult times

To the editor:

The past few weeks have been historic and absolutely stunning to watch. The stock market falling by over 30% from record highs in a matter of weeks. States such as Minnesota having their governors declaring a state of emergency, ordering tens of thousands of businesses to close their doors. School years and amateur/professional sports seasons cut short. Church services canceled. Band concerts, state tournaments, proms and high school graduations in jeopardy. It is something I cannot remember experiencing in my lifetime (I am 48 years old).

It is a scary time. And in such times, people look to leaders in their community and in their local, state and federal government to keep calm and wisely guide us through the storm. I remember hearing Congressional candidate Dan Feehan talking about life sometimes being a matter of inches. A bullet flying a few inches to the left or right, up or down, sometimes meant the difference between life or death for the troops under his command in Iraq. For Dan himself. And through it all? Dan had to keep his cool and keep his head. Making decisions that gave people the best chance at coming back alive while accomplishing their objective.

Dan worked on the Ebola outbreak while he was at the Pentagon. He was actually one of the first Pentagon officials on the ground during the outbreak. Dan has first-hand, relevant experience in dealing with public health crises such as COVID-19. And at a time when much of our nation is scared, and many are panicking a bit? I cannot think of a better, more proven leader than Dan Feehan to help give us the best chance at surviving this health and economic storm with as little loss of life and damage to our economy as is possible.

Derek Tonn



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